Pandemic: October 2020 – ORDER ASAP if delivery is required before Christmas as supply chains continue to be inconsistent. Where possible we still dispatch within 2-3 working days on most products. Latest Order date for Jones Hand Crafted poles for delivery before Christmas is 10.11.20.
Artisan is a hand made collection of decorative poles. Classic Wrought Iron at its best, Artisan 16mm diameter poles are solid steel (not tubing) with a choice of six classical wrought iron finials. Four size uptions up to 300cm with both the 200cm and 300cm supplied in two halves to join in the centre in the centre bracket. Strong well designed brackets are "tunnel" design which means the pole slides into the bracket and is tightened into it with by means of a grub screw. The finial stem slides onto the end bracket which is also tightened into it with a grub screw. Pole can be trimmed to size with hacksaw if required.