Rolls 19mm Neo For Bays Black Nickel

Rolls 19mm Neo For Bays Black Nickel


Rolls Neo "for Bays" has been set up in component form so that,  whatever size your bay window, you can order each component separately.

N.B. The pole sizes menu is for pole lengths only and not for a complete pole set.

Pole Material Mild Steel   Can I cut Pole down myself Yes
Pole Diameter 19mm   Will Bracket ceiling fix? No
Bracket Projection Overall 79mm   Is a ceiling fix bracket available? No
Want to check the colour? Request a colour sample here

You Will Need to order....
1. Pole lengths Ensure you have enough pole lengths - avoid too many cuts per pole. Ideally one cut per pole.
2. Finials Sold in pairs
3. Standard Brackets Usually 3 required. One at each end by the finial and one in the centre of the bay
4. Passing Brackets We recommend 2 per bend positioned approx 10cm each side of joint
5. Corner Joints 1 per bend except for right angled corners when you will need 2 per bend (see diag below 9.)
6. Standard Rings For part of the curtain that does not need to travel over Passing Brackets
7. "C" Rings Necessary for any part of the curtain that has to travel over the Passing Brackets
8. Internal Joiner We recommend pole for centre section of bay to be 2 halves. Joiner required.
9. 90° corners

90deg corner joints See Fitting Notes for 90° corners using Corner Joints, passing brackets and "C" rings 

Not sure what to order? Send us your bay sizes via our Bay Measuring Guide and we will work it out for you.

Need to check the colour? Request a sample here.


PEACE OF MIND: Before your bay window curtain track is made we verify the sizes provided using special software and do not proceed until we are satisfied with the sizes. This may involve you checking some measurements but it gives you peace of mind that you can be sure when your curtain rail arrives it will fit! For Guidance on how to measure visit our Bay Windows Measuring Guide.

This Pole Is Suitable For...



For 90Deg bends

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