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The Tuscany range by Regency is available in 30mm and 35mm diameter. There are four colours to choose from in 30mm diameter three of which are traditional woodstains and the fourth painted white.  In addition to these colours in the 35mm diameter there is also Black.

Size Optons: There are seven size options up to 360cm and almost uniquely for a pre-pack product, there is a size option of 210cm which comes in a single length and only two brackets - ideal where a single curtain only is required to run one way.

As is customary, sizes 240cm and above are supplied in two halves with a joinbing screw and centre bracket for the join to sit in. All pre-pack pole sizes quoted represent the pole length and do not include the length of the finial. Overall lengths are therefore longer when the finials are fitted.

Like many other products, the style of bracket included is open top drop-in Cup Bracket which has a concealed matal plate that screws to the wall - the wood bracket screws onto the metal plate.

LEAD TIMES - Lead to dispatch is normally  3-4 working days.