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Speedy Curtain Tracks

Modern CountryFineline is a lightweight yet robust aluminium curtain track by Speedy Products.

Available in three colours, White, Silver or Antique Brass, this is a curtain track that includes a bending filler to enable you to bend the track for your bay window including Reverse Bend if you want to bring the curtains  back out of the bay to allow more light into the room.

 Metal construction keeps its shape when bent.N.B. - BENDING FILLER NOT INCLUDED IN THE LENGTH 150cm.

Suitable for medium weight curtains, it can be easily trimmed using a junior hacksaw and features a light lock magnetic glider to keep leading edges together then closed. The standard bracket will wall mount or ceiling mount but if you prefer there is a bracket that ceiling mounts only giving a slightly neater finish. Ceiling Fix brackets are an optional extra.

Double brackets are also available as an optional extra if you require a double curtain track or curtain rail and Valance system. There is a wall mount double bracket and a ceiling mount double bracket available to purchase.

BAY WINDOWS: This product is suitable for bay windows and you can easily bend it yourself to the shape of your bay window. 

If you want us to check which size to purchase for your bay window, simply click on the relevant diagram below to send us your bay sizes so that we can advise you. For Guidance on how to measure, visit our Bay Windows Measuring Guide



thumbsupThis Track Is Suitable For These Bay Shapes...

1-Bend LH 1- Bend LH Rev 1- Bend RH 1- Bend RH Reverse 2 Bend 2 Bend Reverse 2 Bend Right Angle
tick tick tick tick tick tick tick
2 Bend Right Angle Reverse 4 Bend 4 Bend Reverse 5 Bend 5 Bend Reverse Gradual Curve Gradual Curve Reverse Bends
tick tick tick cross cross cross cross


Speedy Fineline Curtain Track Antique Brass
£ 28.50
Speedy Fineline Curtain Track Antique Brass
Speedy Fineline Curtain Track Silver
£ 28.50
Speedy Fineline Curtain Track Silver
Speedy Fineline Curtain Track White
£ 22.50
Speedy Fineline Curtain Track White