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Rolls 28mm Neo For Bays Black Nickel Bullet

(Code: 2186RTR120)
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Rolls 28mm Neo For Bays Black Nickel Bullet
  1. #Specification# Details & Specification tick

    Rolls Neo is available in complete component form to enable you to build your own bay window pole kit. On this page, you buy the parts you need to create your own bay window curtain pole kit. Suitable for Medium weight curtains up to 11kgkg and represents excellent value.

    How Does It Work? This bay pole system works with corner joints that will connect two pieces of pole at each corner and is flexible to suit any angle up to 120degrees.. Shallow Passing brackets support each side of the corner joint (10-15cm from joint) and "C" rings which will pass over the passing brackets.

    Recommendation: We recommend maximum installation height 220cm from the floor.
    We recommend you check out tips to install and what bay shapes this product is suitable for click on the " Bay Windows" tab.
    We recommend you check out the Bay Measuring Guidelines



    Need a matching complete pole set for a straight window? Here is Rolls 28mm Neo Trumpet Black Nickel Cylinder complete set for straight windows

    1. Click on Bay Windows Tab for tips to install, what components you may need , and Bay shapes that this product is suitable for.
    2. Click on Components in Related Items to see details and dimensions of components
    3. Check out the Bay Measuring Guidelines


    Pole Colour Black Nickel   Can curtain pole be shortened? Yes
    Pole Diameter 28mm   Can brackets be ceiling fixed? No
    Trumpet Finial Length 34mm   Is a ceiling fix bracket available? Yes
    Brackets Projection 122mm Depth of Bracket 63mm
  2. #Bay Windows# Bay Windows tick

    We Recommend for best results:-
    Connect uncut pole onto the corner joints for best results achieving smooth running of rings over corner joints i.e.wherever possible use the clean machined cut end on the joint. For instance, for the centre section, the pole length should be cut in half so that the corner joints on each side will have uncut ends. The two halves should be trimmed at the centre, spliced using an internal joiner, and the join sits in the centre bracket.

    2. Maximum installation height 220cm off floor - attempting to draw the curtain over the corner joints on installations over 220cm can be difficult.

    3. 90degree corners need a 10cm segment of pole with a corner joint in each end of it. "C" rings will not travel around the single joint if it is fitted at 90degrees. We recommend this for angles between 90deg to 120deg for best results.See diagram below showing segment for 90degree corners.

    thumbsupThis Pole Is Suitable For...

    1-Bend LH 1- Bend LH Rev 1- Bend RH 1- Bend RH Reverse 2 Bend 2 Bend Reverse 2 Bend Right Angle
    tick tick tick tick tick tick tick
    2 Bend Right Angle Reverse 4 Bend 4 Bend Reverse 5 Bend 5 Bend Reverse Gradual Curve Gradual Curve Reverse Bends
    tick tick cross cross cross cross cross
    eyelet curtain          

    Eyelets cross

    For 90Deg bends
  3. #What You Will Need?# tickYou Will Need  
    Pole lengths
    Ensure you have enough pole lengths - avoid too many cuts per pole. Ideally one cut per pole.
    Sold in pairs
    Standard Brackets  
    Usually 3 required. One at each end by the finial and one in the centre of the bay
    Passing Brackets
    We recommend 2 per bend positioned approx 10cm each side of joint
    Corner Joints  
    1 per bend except for right angled corners when you will need 2 per bend (see diag below)
    Standard Rings  
    For part of the curtain that does not need to travel over Passing Brackets
    "C" Rings  
    Necessary for any part of the curtain that has to travel over the Passing Brackets
    Internal Joiner  
    We recommend pole for centre section of bay to be 2 halves. Joiner required.

    Not sure what to order? Send us your bay sizes via our Bay Windows Measuring Guide and we will work it out for you.

    Need a matching complete pole set for a straight window? Here is Rolls 28mm Neo Trumpet Black Nickel Cylinder complete set

    Need to check the colour? Request a sample here.

  4. #Delivery & Downloads# Delivery and Downloads tick



    deliveryDispatch Times


    Normally 2-3 working days pdf Rolls Neo Bay Installation Info  
      pdf  Rolls Neo Leaflet pdf Do I Need More Rings?