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Opus Studio

Modern CountryOne of the top UK manufacturers, for over a decade Opus Studios have built a reputation for superb craftsmanship offering true handmade quality curtain poles. All raw timber is obtained from renewable sources and hand finished in their workshops in Somerset.


Available in three diameters, 35mm, 47mm and 63mm, not only are there traditional wood colours like the warmth of the honeyed Oak, or the timeless Walnut or Mahogany, but also there are Vintage Oak, Vintage Mahogany and Vintage Walnut for that warm timeless feeling. 

Add to this painted finishes like Chalk White, or Old Cream (also available as Distressed Finishes) and special finishes like Antique Ivory, Antique Gold, Antique Silver and Antique Ivory and there is sure to be a colour or finish to meet your décor requirements.


The standard bracket we include is the "drop-in” Cup Brackets – a metal plate is fixed to the wall and the brackets screws onto it. Their optional Flat Bracket or Metal Brackets can be supplied.


Materials: Poles usually Ayous but Obeche, Wawa, Samba and African Whitewood or African Maple may be used.

Rings and Brackets are usually made from Beech.

Finials are Resin


Sizes supplied are the pole length - finial sizes will add to the overal length. If needed, you would be able to cut the pole to the size you require using a fine wood handsaw. 


Diameters: 35mm, 48mm and 63mm. Each diameter has 7 size options with 35mm up to 420cm,  48mm and 63mm up to 480cm with all sizes over 240cm supplied in two halves with a joining dowel.

Poles that are supplied in two halves need to be shortened equally from each end i.e. if you need to shorten the pole length by 10cm, you should take off 5cm of each length of pole to keep the join in the centre. The Join needs to sit in the centre bracket.


Dimensions - Check out all Opus Studio Component Dimensions


N.B.: LEAD TIMES - Lead to dispatch is normally 7-10 working days but can be a little longer at peak times.

MADE TO ORDER - All Opus products are made to order and are not returnable under standard Terms And Conditions so do be sure the dimensions of the pole, brackets, finials are right for your requirements before you purchase. We are more than happy to send a colour sample if you want to check the colour before purchasing - Order your colour sample here.