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Neo Premium

Rolls NeoPremium is the latest addition to the successful Neo range offering designer finials from the sleek Wired Barrel to genuine glass crystal finials in either clear or smoked glass. Continuing the same colour offerings as Neo in Stainless Steel, Chrome, Black Nickel and Spun Brass, Premium has two diameters - 28mm and 35mm, 

Neo Premium is available in 6 sizes up to 480cm in both 28mm and 35mm diameter. The 28mm diameter is suitable for mediumweight curtains up to 11kg up to 360cm and for light weight curtains on the 480cm. However additional brackets on the 480cm will enable medium weight curtains. The 35mm diameter will take heavier weight curtains over 11kg up to 15kg up to 360cm but for the 480cm to accommodate this weight additional brackets are required. If only three brackets are used  on the 480cm then curtains should be medium weight up to 11kg.

Note 480cm - 28mm and 35mm diameter pole sets:- When choosing the 480cm pole sets, there is a choice between 3 or 5 brackets - the choice does affect the capacity of the pole set with the 3-bracket option accommodating lighter weight curtains than the 5-bracket option.

For 5 brackets, there should be 2 brackets at each end instead on one. The end brackets should be positioned approx 80mm-100mm apart with a curtain ring (or Eyelet if Eyelet Curtains) in between the finial and the 1st bracket, and one in between the 1st and 2nd bracket. The fifth bracket will be used in the centre to support the join. When adding the 480cm to your basket, you will be able to choose either a 3-bracket option for lighter weight capacity, or a 5-bracket option for heavier weight capacity.

Sizes 240cm and over are supplied in two halves with an internal joining piece and three brackets- the join has to sit in the centre bracket. However, the 240cm in the Neo 28mm Eyelet Pole is supplied in a single length with three brackets. All rings are nylon lined for smoother quieter running. 

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