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Dormer Rods – Solutions for Dormer Windows

August 9th, 2008


You have a dormer window. It makes a lovely feature to the house from outside, and makes the room design much more interesting than just a simple square or rectangle shape. It was one of the things you liked that made you buy the house.

But what are you going to do about curtains – you haven’t been able to sleep properly since you moved in because you don’t know what to do about a curtain rail or curtain pole. Every night its a struggle to make a sheet stay up at the window to give you some privacy, and to stop some light pouring in early in the mornings.

You didn’t think it would be so difficult to find a curtain pole for your dormer window that gives you such a lovely view.

The best solution for curtaining a dormer window is a Dormer Rod. Also known as “swing arms” because of the nature of how they work they offer an ideal solution to fit curtains in a dormer window.

From the image below you can see a bracket on the left hand side – it is like a hinge, and the arm will swing from its position to the right of the bracket to pull the curtain away from the window by pulling the rod towards you.

Brass Dormer Rod

Most dormer windows would require two rods – one on each side of the dormer. The bracket will fit either to the frame of the window or on the side wall of the dormer, When both rods or pulled back and the curtain is parked on the side walls of the dormer, maximum light is allowed into the room.

If a straight curtain rail or curtain pole is used the curtains would park on the glass and reduce light coming into the room.

To gain maximum effect from your curtains on a dormer rod it is usual to also have the main curtain fabric as the lining too so that when the rods are pulled back to open the curtains in daytime you see the main fabric instead of lining.

A coloured lining that compliments your main curtain fabric could also be an option.

Dormer Rods are available in different colours, different lengths, different diameters. Some will have rings or gliders included and others will have neither.

Commonly, curtains used on Dormer Rods are ruched onto the rod – the curtains are made with a slot or channel at the top and the curtain is then fitted onto the rod by sliding it thorugh the slot.

Now! You can look forward to the first good nights’ sleep since you moved in!