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Measuring & Fitting

Here you will find fitting tips to measuring for straight curtain poles and for Bay Windows.

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Choosing the right length pole for your window couldn't be easier. Read More
All you need is a tape measure – metal ones are best.
Take all measurements to the nearest centimetre. Don't worry if your measurements are in inches as you can use the conversion table at the bottom of this page to convert to centimetres.
If you have an existing curtain rail, which you are replacing then measuring the length of this will give you the correct length for your new pole.

For other windows measure the inside recess width of the window (see the diagram above). 
The starting point for how much pole each side of the window recess is at least 15cm ( 6") i.e. 30cm ( 12” ) in total allowing for both sides. The less curtain pole you have each side of the window, the more curtain will be parked on the window which will affect the amount of light coming into the room. So the more you allow each side, the more curtain will draw off the window allowing more light into the room.
Write the measurement total down and then you can start shopping right away
Here is a useful conversion chart.

Pole Length Conversion Chart

cmmetresfeet & inchesinches
1001.003' 3"39"
1251.254' 1"49"
1501.504' 11"59"
1601.605' 3"63"
1751.755' 8"68"
1801.805' 10"70"
2002.006' 6"78"
2252.257' 4"88"
2402.407' 10"94"
2502.508' 2"98"
2752.759' 0"108"
3003.009' 10"118"
3203.2010' 6"126"
3253.2510' 8"128"
3503.5011' 5"137"
3753.7512' 3"147"
4004.0013' 1"157"
4254.2513' 11"167"
4504.5014' 9"177"

If you are unsure of which length pole to choose then always choose the size longer as the poles can easily be cut down.

  • All pole measurements are that of the pole length only, on which the curtain rings can travel. 
  • The lengths of the finials are not included in the size lengths stated. Therefore the finials will add to the overall length. 
  • Longer poles will be supplied in two pieces - wooden poles will have a joining dowel to splice the poles lengths together, and metal poles will have an internal sleeve (often about 8-10cm in length) that slides into each half of pole and is not visible. Joins must sit in the centre bracket. 
How do I measure my window to find out what size curtain pole I need to buy? Read More