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Curtain Rails for Bay Windows | Bay Window Curtain Track & Poles

Although the traditional window poles with rings tend to be more decorative, curtain rails and curtain tracks have their own appeal. They are simple, functional, reliable, and provide effective solutions to suit your lifestyle.

Curtain rails for bay windows are available in many different designs and colours, from bespoke made to measure curtains tracks that are pre-bent for you to the shape of your bay window, to those that you can bend yourself to fit your bay.

While placing an order for bay window curtain track you should keep the following things in mind:

  • Window shape: The most common bay window shapes are right-angled or rectangular with 2 bends, but there are many other shapes including curved bays.

  • Number of sides: Curtain tracks suitable for windows with multiple bends are available. Most curtain tracks can only be bent for internal bends within the bay window but some are available that can be reverse bent so that the track can come around out of the bay onto the wall into the room itself. This is particularly useful if you need to bring curtains to park off the windows to allow more light into the room.

  • Type of curtain track: ready-made curtain tracks. Most curtain tracks can be wall or ceiling mounted – for ease, many people may prefer a ready-made track to install and bend themselves but made to measure tracks tend to be better quality and longer lasting. For made to measure, the supplier will need accurate sizes of the bay window and to help with this The Poles Company has a very good Bay Measuring Guide with helpful tips and diagrams that will help provide a perfect result.

  • Material: Window tracks are available in UPVC or metal. Metal window curtain tracks are sturdier and probably more robust than UPVC. Metal curtain tracks are not just available in white but also in a wide variety of colour like gold or cream as well as metallic finishes like silver, gunmetal or chrome. Made to measure curtain tracks tend to be a little more expensive but UPVC tracks are a good cost-effective option.

  • Colour: The choice of colour depends on the wall paint, the colour of the curtains, and your décor theme. You can go for the contrasting colours or matching ones. Subtle and soft colours are preferred by most as they emphasize the style of the curtains, but you can also pick bold colours for a different look.

  • Pre-corded or uncorded: Pre-corded curtain tracks are easy-to-use and help maintain your curtains so that you do not have to manually move the curtains. Uncorded curtain tracks are operated by hand and are simple to install. The choice depends on your preference and budget.

Valance rails are also available in UPVC making them ideal for bay windows if you want a pretty valance over the top of your curtains.

Curtain rails for bay windows are simply the most widely purchased mode of operation for curtains in bay windows. The Poles Company offers a vast choice of both ready-made and made to measure curtain tracks providing expert knowledge and advice to help you with your bay window and also deliver directly to your home.

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12 fun and quirky outdoor heating designs to keep you warm this autumn

12 fun and quirky outdoor heating designs to keep you warm this autumn

The nights are beginning to draw in and we are now technically into autumn, but it doesn’t mean we don’t still enjoy sitting out in our gardens in an evening trying to enjoy the last few dregs of sunshine that summer has left over for us.

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10 Quirky ornaments that can bring your window sill to life

10 Quirky ornaments that can bring your window sill to life

Curtain poles
 and windows frames go hand in hand just like curtains and windows do, and when the curtains are drawn along the poles at night it gives us warmth and security, especially as the nights begin to close in and autumn approaches.

But what about when the curtains are tied back and we let the sunlight stream in, do we just leave the sill below the window blank? No, because as human beings we generally like to adorn our free space with things that look nice and the window sill is no exception.

Created On  31 Aug 2016 10:29 in ArticlesInterior DesignCurtain Poles & Accessories  -  Permalink
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African inspired design really does prove what a grand continent it is

African inspired design really does prove what a grand continent it is
One our team recently climbed Mount Kilimanjaro during the summer for charity, which got us thinking quite romantically about Africa and also wondering how much this grand continent and all its different cultures has influenced the world of interior design.

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10 of the silliest and well-timed pictures from Olympic competitions

10 of the silliest and well-timed pictures from Olympic competitions

Okay, so this article doesn’t have anything to do with curtain poles, but you might wish you could draw some curtains over your screen when you see some of the less than athletic pictures we have selected for you below.

In honour of the 2016 Olympics which are currently taking place down in Rio, Brazil, we thought we would take an irreverent look at some Olympic competitors, caught mid-action and, in most cases, in the most unflattering of poses.

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Discover the Roots of Design – Decorex International 2016

Discover the Roots of Design – Decorex International 2016
Decorex International 2016
 will soon be upon us, and once again it will be taking place in the wonderful location of Syon Park in London. This year’s exhibition will take place between the 18 – 21 September and is destined to live up to its reputation as the UK’s leading luxury interiors event for design professionals.

Created On  2 Aug 2016 12:40 in News & EventsInterior DesignArticles  -  Permalink
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