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8 lavish BBQ images that will make you drool with envy

8 lavish BBQ images that will make you drool with envy

It finally appears like summer is here. After the mini heat wave we experienced in early June the weather looked to have typically reverted to the stereotypical British summer, with unsettled cooler weather (the golfers at The Open Championship last week even had to wear woolly hats and gloves).

But now, as we approach the latter half of July it looks like we might have some sunny weather after all, at least for a short while. So, now is the time to fling those curtains open wide, unlock the French doors, get the garden furniture back out and fire up the BBQ.

Now, there has been a long standing debate amongst barbeque aficionados as to which is best when it comes to what type of BBQ to use – should it be gas or coals, open or kettle drum. This is something that in the end just comes down to personal preference, but some people have taken the humble BBQ beyond those simple conventions and produced something of wonder, and not a little envy if we’re being honest.

Below we have collated a few of the more elegant, outrageous and downright lavish examples of BBQ’s and outside eating areas we could find images of on the internet. For us mere mortals making do with a cheap kettle drum from the local hardware store, we can only look, dream and maybe become inspired to create our own little corner of BBQ heaven in our own gardens:

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