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10 of the silliest and well-timed pictures from Olympic competitions

10 of the silliest and well-timed pictures from Olympic competitions

Okay, so this article doesn’t have anything to do with curtain poles, but you might wish you could draw some curtains over your screen when you see some of the less than athletic pictures we have selected for you below.

In honour of the 2016 Olympics which are currently taking place down in Rio, Brazil, we thought we would take an irreverent look at some Olympic competitors, caught mid-action and, in most cases, in the most unflattering of poses.

Remember, it’s all just a bit of fun and The Poles Company has the utmost respect for anyone who pushes themselves to the limit in their own personal field of achievement – however silly they might look in the process…

Created On  9 Aug 2016 14:51 in Articles  -  Permalink


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